Shop, Earn and Donate with the Swipe of a Card


The CommunityFirst® plus personal rewards™ program integrates the best of loyalty marketing with the benefits of community development for merchants, nonprofits, consumers and card issuers. It's a coalition which works together for the benefit of all.


Plus member-enabled customer point award review, donation review, redemption, fulfillment and online shopping.




CommunityFirst® is a cost-efficient marketing tool to grow your business. Participating merchants receive more new and more frequent customers and have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting the community.


Consumers (cardholders)

Generate personal rewards (redeemable for merchandise, travel and dining) as well as cash donations to your favorite nonprofit organization. By shopping participating merchants, consumers earn triple points and can direct up to 60% of merchant rebates to charities of your choice.



Any 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization qualifies as a beneficiary. Nonprofits enjoy ongoing contributions from a broad base of locations. It pays for nonprofits to have supporters become cardholders of sponsoring financial institutions and to register your organization as their nonprofit beneficiary.


Card Issuers

Increase revenue and competitive advantage. Influence customer behavior to the benefit of your merchants and leverage customer benefits with merchant partners.